We take care of keeping your CMS (WordPress / Drupal), its core and installed plugins/modules updated

Maintaining your website is essential to ensure proper functioning, security and performance. Some reasons why it is important:

Security: WordPress and Drupal are popular CMS's, which means they are a frequent target for hackers. A website that is not regularly maintained and updated is vulnerable to security attacks, which could result in data loss, website corruption, information theft, and more. Keeping your CMS updated and protected is essential to ensure the security of your website.

Performance: Regular maintenance can also improve the performance of your website. Unmaintained websites can become slow and unreliable, which can scare away visitors and affect your search engine rankings.

User experience: Keeping your website up-to-date and functional is not only important for its security and performance, but also directly affects the user experience. A website that malfunctions or is difficult to navigate can frustrate visitors and make them leave.

Updates: WordPress and Drupal release regular updates to fix bugs, improve functionality, and fix security issues. If it is not updated regularly, your website may become outdated and not work properly with the latest versions of core and its plugins.

Our maintenance service includes 1 hour a month, in which pending updates are reviewed, backup is made, updates are applied, operation is verified and a report of the actions carried out is sent.

The update of the theme or commercial plugins previously acquired by the client are not included if you do not have a license.

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